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Invisible stickies when using multiple monitors

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:34 am

I'm using Stickies V9.0e and it is a very usefull and helpfull app.

But I have the following problem, that is going on my nerves a little bit :-)

In the office I`m using 2 external monitors and I have placed all Stickies on the right monitor, which is not configured as the main display.
On business trips or in my homeoffice I`m using just 1 display (integrated laptop display).

So when I'm working with one monitor, all stickies are invisible, because they are places outside the display (think you are storing the absolute position). I can see and use them if I start the menu "manage stickies" (right click on the task bar icon).

Is there a possibiltiy to move all stickies automatically on the main monitor, if just one monitore is active?

Thanks for your help in advance & best regards,
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